Introducing 'Nutrition Tuesday': A weekly newsletter about cooking macro-friendly meals!

I started a weekly newsletter! Please sign up to follow along my journey to master the art of cooking macro-friendly meals.

Hi, I’m Blake, a dad (and husband!) embarking on a brand new culinary journey determined to master the art of cooking macro friendly delicious meals that my family will actually eat and enjoy.

While I love eating, I’m terrible in the kitchen and have always avoided cooking whenever possible. Last year I really started to track my macros and got a real feel for how that all works. The problem though that I’m trying to overcome is that I always end up eating the same boring things like microwaved frozen peas and chicken breast by myself while my family is off enjoying something way more tasty. My quest for this year though is to master the kitchen and cook macro friendly meals that we can all enjoy as a family together so that we can stay healthy and be properly fueled for our busy lives.

No, I’m not an expert, and that’s the point of blogging this journey, so that you can have a beginners perspective as well as comic relief as I will likely mess things up along the way. My plan for this newsletter is to not only share my cooking adventures with you, but share new amazing food items I find, links to recipes I’ve discovered this week, share with you a macro friendly recipe I’m currently obsessed with, all so that you can also improve in the kitchen.

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